29 September, 2008

2 Months old & lots of tears

C turned 2 months old today and had his check-up. He also had his shots today and he's not been a happy camper this afternoon. Did he ever scream when he got those shots! He was M-A-D!

He's been sleeping alot and has a bit of fever, but hopefully he'll be better in the morning. I hope he continues sleeping tonight since he has slept all afternoon except during feeding time.

He weighed in at 9 lbs 12 oz!! That puts him in the 7th percentile for weight on the regular growth chart, not the preemie chart. So that means he's gained 4 pounds 11 oz since coming home.

He was 21 1/2 inches long. I think that was the 11 th percentile for height. He's grown 4 1/2 inches since he was born!

The doctor was happy with his progress.

We won't do another Monday appointment, though. She is normally good to spend lots of time with us, but today I felt rushed. Her main nurse took today off too, so it was really busy and hectic today.

Here's a picture of our little man, laying with Daddy on the couch. You can tell he doesn't feel too well.

P.S. C has been a little sick over the weekend and spent much of it just drinking Pedia-Lyte. So I'm sure he lost some weight. He may have been over 10 pounds if he had not gotten sick!

25 September, 2008

Wearin' Shoes!

C finally grew into his first pair of shoes!

23 September, 2008


Can you hear Lionel Richie singing? "All Night Long - all night, all night"

C slept ALL NIGHT LONG last night!! Woooo Hoooo!

Of course it may just be a fluke and it may not happen again for months, but it was wonderful and so shocking!

I've been working on getting him on a schedule and doing the eat, play, sleep thing. Which isn't working too well because he falls asleep eating so often. But he's pretty much got his schedule set. It was a tough day yesterday. I let him sleep one nap in his big crib for the first time ever and then he slept the night in his crib and I slept in the floor on a mattress. I figured he would cry alot in the night and I didn't want to wake the whole house, but lo and behold he slept all night and I pretty much did too. I'd hear him grunt and move every now and then but nary a cry!

Update: Jessy asked if I woke up scared when I realized he hadn't woken up in the night. No, because since I slept in his floor, I heard all his grunts, snorts and breathing so I knew he was ok.

I finally finished a roll of film and will take it to be developed today and get a CD so hopefully some of them are good! Oh how I wish my good camera was digital! Film - such an antiquated notion!!

P.S. Oh yeah! C turns 8 weeks old today!!

Wednesday morning Update: Well, I guess it was fluke-ish. He did sleep well last night, but only made it to 4:40. Then right back to sleep till 7. So, not too bad!

22 September, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all

Even though it's hot as blazes outside still, I'm sooooo excited that it is officially Fall. This is the beginning of my most favorite time of the year!

I am also very excited that I figured out how to make my blog cute. I have been trying for ages to figure it out and finally I did! Yay me!

18 September, 2008

Some new pictures

Not always all smiles!
I love the new version of Pack-n-Play with the changing station! D's didn't have this!

I haven't been taking as many pictures with the digital camera, it's kind of acting up. I've taken lots with the "real" camera so when I get that film developed I'll get a CD so I can post some. I just hope they've turned out. I sure wish I had the digital version of my big camera!

16 September, 2008


Our power was just restored after about 75 hours with no electricity! It has been very trying. The first night was a fun advanture, until trying to feed and diaper a baby in the dark with only flashlights for light!

At least the weather grew cooler yesterday and today! It was stifling hot the first night and Sunday.

D and I did a huge happy electricity dance and ran outside to wave our thanks at the electricity man!!! Crews came from North Carolina to help our town.

We promise never to take electricity for granted - ever again!!

13 September, 2008

While I Sill Have Electricity

We're getting ready for Ike to hit us. It SHOULD just be a tropical storm by the time it gets up to us, but right now they're still calling our county for Inland Hurricane Warning.

I'm sure we'll lose power soon after it hits, we lose power easily, even in just a regular thunder storm. It is still eerily dark outside right now.

We are a good 4-5 hours up from Galveston, but we'll probably still see some storminess.

There was never ANY talk (from officials) of our area evacuating, matter of fact, Hubby just left a bit ago to go out to the camp to help get breakfast ready for the evacuees.

After Gustav's trickery, so many people didn't evacuate this time and it's a doozie.

Ok, gotta run. I'm going to bake up some stuff in case we're out of power a while.


Update 6:50 a.m.: It is finally lightening up outside, but the clouds are a weird dusty pink color. Even the sidewalks appear pink - creepy!

6:56 a.m.! In just 5 minutes it changed to THIS! No, I didn't photo shop it, this is natural! Very strange and fast moving.

8:37 a.m. So far just windy, the local news says winds are now at about 30 mph gusts. The tops of the trees are rotating in a counter-clockwise manner, very odd. It looks like they're doing a dance. The clouds are just zooming by. We've had a few sprinkles but that's it so far. We've been changed from Inland Hurricane Warning to Tropical Storm Winds Warning and Flash Flood and Tornado Watch.

10:17 a.m. Hubby just called and the power is out at the camp now. So far we are still doing fine. Still just windy. A bit more forceful now, some pine boughs are down. Still dry.

11 September, 2008

COURT - Round One Accomplished

We went before the judge this morning at 9:30 for our first round of court. The bio-parent's rights are fully and officially revoked and we are fully guardians/conservetor's for baby C.

This was the most important round of hearings even though it isn't the final round. In a few months we will go once more for finalization at which time we can obtain the new birth certificate and social security and become officially C's parents.

C looked precious in his Sunday clothes, but he slept through the whole thing! Hubby and I were spiffed up too, and were by far the "dressiest" people in the courtroom besides the attorneys.

It was family court day and we were most likely the happiest case the judge would hear today. Before we were called to the bench, there was one divorce granted to a tearful couple followed by the revocation of a father's rights after he had failed to provide support (both emotionally and financially). We went next. It took about 5 minutes and when we left the courtroom I felt a bit relieved to have that done, but really I have felt peace throughout this whole adoption.

Anyhow, glad to have this step checked off! I'll be able to remember the date. A MUCH happier 9/11 than we had 7 years ago - both personally and as a nation.

04 September, 2008

Free Geo-Trax DVD

GeoTrax ( a building toy) from Mattel has a free DVD (Team GeoTrax-All Aboard DVD) w/ FREE shipping that has 3 episodes on it.

To order, go here:

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An Incredible Hulk Day

Yesterday was what I've named an "Incredible Hulk" day. C is growing so quickly that he literally pops out of his clothes like the Incredible Hulk! The intense screaming, grunting and groaning that is part of one of these days also tends to make him look like the character on this post - just not green!

It's nearly as if he is growing before our very eyes! It's amazing! He is now 5 weeks 2 days old.

We haven't taken him to be weighed since Aug. 20, but I'm guessing he's getting close to 8 pounds by now. I had him in one of his preemie footless outfits yesterday and it was like 3/4 sleeves and capris on him!! We don't have very many newborn outfits, they're hard to find. So I'm trying to just make due until he can more easily wear the 0-3 mos clothes. He has a couple 0-3 Gerber zip up sleepers (love the zip up!!) that fit pretty well right now, his feet just go for a swim in them.

His looks are changing quickly too. He'll go through 2 or 3 different looks in one day sometimes. From super round face, to longish face and back to round face by bedtime!

Having a newborn is a very new experience. One that I truly didn't think I'd ever have and I was ok with that, really. But I must admit, it's fun!

P.S. It's weird to see such a boyish character as the Hulk on MY blog. I've been living in girlie land for so long that it's going to take some getting used to!

C looks like he's winking at you in the picture, "Hey Baby!"

C and I just love the bouncy seat! It's really one of the best "accessories" we've gotten. He likes the swing ok, but doesn't stay in it long, and it's not portable like this! He liked the hum of the blow dryer and fell fast asleep!

02 September, 2008

Gustav is just a sprinkle

Well, I guess we dodged the Gustav bullet. Instead of heading right for our county and stalling out like they had predicted, he went more due north instead of northwest. So he stalled out over Shreveport and rained a bit on them. We've just had a steady drizzle all night and today.

We're thankful to not have gotten the flood that was predicted! We had a few branches on the ground this morning, but that's the worst of it.

Last night before we went to sleep, we carried D into our room and made a "pallet" for her in our floor. She didn't realize we'd moved her and when she woke up she wondered what on earth happened in the night! With her room on the complete other side of the house and some big trees over there, we were afraid if the storm got bad in the night a tree might fall in and squish her. Of course now she wants to sleep in the "pallet" again tonight, which is fine with me. I guess C doesn't bother her with his crying at night. She says her ears go off at night while she sleeps.