16 September, 2008


Our power was just restored after about 75 hours with no electricity! It has been very trying. The first night was a fun advanture, until trying to feed and diaper a baby in the dark with only flashlights for light!

At least the weather grew cooler yesterday and today! It was stifling hot the first night and Sunday.

D and I did a huge happy electricity dance and ran outside to wave our thanks at the electricity man!!! Crews came from North Carolina to help our town.

We promise never to take electricity for granted - ever again!!


Chris Goeppner said...

Yay! I was hoping you guys got your power back. Electricity is a necessity!=)

Susan said...


Glad to know our NC folks helped you all out. Neighbors helping neighbors...Well, sort of neigbors with, ohhh, 4 states separating us? Next block over, right?

Now that there's electricity and hot water for showers and such, we need a cute baby and D fix. mmmk?

Glad you all are well.

TXMom2B said...

I'm glad you have power! We're going on 5 days without, but we don't have a little one. I can't imagine going even one day without power with a baby to care for!!!

sandy said...

Isn't electricity the greatest thing?! To be able to walk into a dark room and flip a switch and have the whole room bathed in wonderful light!

Running water can't be beat either!! When we lose electricity our well pump no longer runs.

Last winter we lost power for four days and yes, the first day is an adventure. The next few days are really hard. Our generator died. Our truck to haul the generator died. Every generator for sale in the county was sold. We spent our days hauling firewood into the house to keep the living room warm, and hauling buckets of dirty water in from the bottom of our water tank to flush toilets. It felt like the Long Winter from Little House on the Prairie! (Thankfully it wasn't a blizzard.)

Glad to hear your have your luxuries back!

Amy said...

YAY!!!! We did the thank you dance to our Electricity Man this summer when we lost ours for 15 hours.