29 January, 2009


And look how I celebrated!!

Sweet potatoes anyone?

I'll Share.

Mommy and I went to the doctor this morning for my 6 month check up. Don't I look just so precious in my little hat! (I don't like it, though. I scream whenever Mommy puts it on me.)

The doctor said I'm doing GREAT! She's so proud of me. I weigh 16 pounds (even). I am 25 1/2 inches tall. She said I'm in the 10th percentile on the regular growth chart (whatever that means). She said sometimes preemies like me aren't even showing up on the regular growth chart yet.

Well, I need to head to Sleepytown, I'm feeling a little tired. I got 5 shots (and me and Mommy cried) and I had to drink some weird stuff. Plus on top of that Mommy gave me some Tylenol so I'm feeling a little goofy.

Nitey Nite!

Happy half-a-birthday to me!!

28 January, 2009

19 January, 2009

Photo Shoot

Thought I'd share a dose of sweet baby with you. Enjoy!

18 January, 2009

Four Years Old

How is that even possible? Viktoria turned Four today. Four! I pray so much that she is happy and loved and hugged and kissed and had a very special day today.

Happy fourth birthday sweet, precious girl. I hope you had a delicious birthday treat today!
p.s. This morning in church, I opened up C's burpie cloth and there inside was a red thread! Of course I immediately stuck it on my shirt right over my heart. It just really struck me that there in C's cloth was Vika's red thread. I'll never again see a red thread that I don't think of her.

15 January, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I was grumbly about doing laundry this morning. Laundry is by far NOT my favorite chore. But I decided to be thankful instead that I have all this pink and blue laundry to BE DONE! I begged God for years to have children to dirty those clothes (and mine!) and so I choose to be thankful for laundry today.

Here's a picture of some of the "baby laundry" I did today - isn't it cute!

14 January, 2009

Let's Help Misha STAY Home!

Misha has come to the US for corrective surgery and his host family wants to adopt him. Time and Money are both hindering this family. Misha will turn 16 in May. According to Russian law, a child is no longer considered eligible for International Adoption once they pass the age of 16. Please share this video with as many people as you can!

Watch Help Misha in Family Videos and Faith Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Misha and his family need our help. We can ALL spare SOME AMOUNT, can't we??
Here is a link to their blog where you can read much more of their story and also where you can contribute to help bring Misha home by clicking on their Chip-In account or a way to traditionally send a Tax-Deductible donation.

03 January, 2009

Can you believe I am 5 months old?

Hi everyone, this is C. I haven't written in a long time, I think it was when I was about 2 weeks old actually.

I am 5 months old now - boy time flies! I am a slobber boy who loves to stand up and I'm trying to sit up by myself too. I'm 1/2 way there, I do some good crunches! I learned to roll over last month, so that's old news.

My hair started falling out a month or so ago and it just fell out all over the place except right on top. So I still have my same hair up there that I always did and it's getting really long and floppy. Then I just have some fuzzy hair everywhere else, kind of like a baby duck or chick or something. So, I don't have the most stylish hair right now. But it doesn't bother me too much if it doesn't bother you.

I had fun at Christmas time. I laughed a lot and learned a new squaking sound. I usually do my squak when I'm happy, but I decided to try it on Mommy last night when I was mad. She let me get away with it a couple of times, but then she decided that was a "NO Sir!" and so far I haven't tried it anymore today. She clapped her hands loud at me when I did it mad - I think that will put a stop to me trying that again (ya think?)

I'm sleeping really good. You oughta see me! I take about 4 naps each day and sleep all night from about 8:30 at night till 7:30 or 8 in the morning. I like my sleep. I fit right in perfectly with my family.

I still haven't started eating food yet, just Similac Sensitive. But I think I'm getting ready to try food. I am really interested in watching my family eat food, it intrigues me. Plus I've started learning to make chewing motions, I look like a cow chewing the cud! The doctor told Mommy and Daddy to hold off on starting food with me since I am a preemie. I really should be a month younger than I am (if that even makes sense!) so I guess I'll have to wait a little longer. I heard Mommy and Daddy talking, though, and I think they're going to start giving me some rice cereal soon! I still spit up a lot, so I'll bet that's going to be gross - hee hee hee hee!

Well I've got to go back to sleep, a growing boy needs his rest you know! Talk to you soon.

Oh, here's a new picture of me. I'm pretty cute, huh? Look at my little foot sticking up there! I LOVE those guys!