02 September, 2008

Gustav is just a sprinkle

Well, I guess we dodged the Gustav bullet. Instead of heading right for our county and stalling out like they had predicted, he went more due north instead of northwest. So he stalled out over Shreveport and rained a bit on them. We've just had a steady drizzle all night and today.

We're thankful to not have gotten the flood that was predicted! We had a few branches on the ground this morning, but that's the worst of it.

Last night before we went to sleep, we carried D into our room and made a "pallet" for her in our floor. She didn't realize we'd moved her and when she woke up she wondered what on earth happened in the night! With her room on the complete other side of the house and some big trees over there, we were afraid if the storm got bad in the night a tree might fall in and squish her. Of course now she wants to sleep in the "pallet" again tonight, which is fine with me. I guess C doesn't bother her with his crying at night. She says her ears go off at night while she sleeps.


Debbie B said...

What a great talent to turn her ears off at night.
Glad you were safe.

Chris Goeppner said...

I'm so glad you guys had no damage with Gustav. It looks like we dodged Hannah but there are more to come!!
To answer your question about the pics.. Bethany is an awesome photographer and she has an awesome camera. We got tired of our cheap camera that took forever to take a pic which kept us from getting any decent pics of the kids so Chris just bought a real nice one like Bethany's. We are so excited to use it and will be posting tons of pics soon!;)