17 December, 2009

Some pix of Christmassy Things we've been doing . . .

D's Christmas Countdown chain. We had to hang it way up high so little "helping hands" can't reach it! We can lower it tonight since it's getting ever shorter!

Little Stinker!

Christmas Party at School on Wednesday.

Early morning Christmas Baking Session with Mommy

Step One: Try and get baby brother to cooperate.

Step Two: Just do it yourself.

Step Three: Let him go and smile and look pretty.

Oh well, maybe next year!

12 December, 2009

D's Piano Recital

D had her first Piano Recital this Thursday night. She did really well. We are so proud of her.

D and her piano teacher.

Please forgive the rocking motion of the video, I was rocking C's stroller back and forth trying to keep him calm and quiet and didn't realize I was also swaying the camera! You can hear him call out, "Dah Dah!" in the middle of her performance. Another girl played "Deck the Halls" and he started singing Fa La La La La La La La La. We went out into the corridor after that and listened through the door!

You'll need to turn up the volume a bit to hear it well.

11 December, 2009


C has "mostly" left the tree alone, I don't think we could expect more from a 16 month old. BUT he has found the power strip and many, many times each day I have been finding the tree dark. You'll notice the lack of "ornamentation" on the bottom part of the tree (it's much more noticeable when the lights are off) and yes we do have gifts, but they're stacked up in the office out of reach from little hands. We'll put them under the tree Christmas Eve night after the kids are in bed :O)

07 December, 2009

D playing piano at church last night

In the beginning, the prayer was still being said. That is why she's sitting so still - she's praying :O)

This is her first time to play in public. She has only been taking lessons for 3 months. We are very proud of her!
When you see her looking out after each song, she's looking out at me.

Christmas Fun Weekend

This weekend we went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop, like we did last year. We went on a Saturday and it was much more crowded than it was last year on a Tuesday night! C did really well not being afraid of Santa, I was worried he may be. D shot the Red Rider Laser gun and played remote control cars and did a craft. It was a really fun day and a great place to visit with Santa. The pictures are complimentary and they'll take as many as you want.

C had fun "riding" on a 4-wheeler: