30 June, 2008

Some news - just not THE news

When we returned home, we had an e-mail from our agency that all 4 signatures have been received for accreditation. Now we just await the official certificate! Hopefully in a few days I'll be posting THE good news!

Yep Deb, you were right when you wrote in the previous comments, "Hopefully when you come home they'll be some good news of accreditation and you'll have to get busy on paperwork. "

We've already got instructions for some new paperwork.

Home from Alaska

We returned home about 3:30 a.m. Sunday. We're pooped! D just woke up (nearly 11:00!) she's never slept so late in her life!

We had a great time. I'll post more about it later.

We're off to clean up the mobile home and turn in the keys! Finally we'll only have one home, it's been chaotic to say the least!

Oh, and p.s. I only gained 1 pound! I know because the morning we left I was sure my suitcase weighed over the 50 pound limit, so I weighed myself, then held the suitcase and weighed again. It was only 41.5!

18 June, 2008

Found the big suitcase

Hubby found the big suitcase in the rental storage unit last night. I got it cleaned up and in the house this morning and had a sad moment when I opened it up. It still had lots of stuff in it from our trip to visit Viktoria in October, 2006. I had left things in there for "when we went back". I had to throw out most of the things in our medicine bag, it was all expired. I can't believe it has been nearly 2 years (in 4 months) since we last saw her.

I'm about 1/4 packed with my stuff, I haven't even begun D's stuff and hubby will take care of his own for the most part. I'm able to relax a bit about it now that we have an appointment for the closing of the house.

17 June, 2008

Phew - Finally!

We'll close at 2 p.m. central on Thursday. That is cutting it close! We'll sleep here for the first time that night and then up at 4 a.m. to go on our trip! Maybe I'll at least get to take a bath!

Ok, back to packing!

p.s. Yes, Debbie! You and Izzie are welcome anytime! Maybe mid-late July????

p.s.s. Elle, if you're reading, I don't know if we'll have an opportunity to meet up - the time is going to be super tight! I'll try and e-mail you.

16 June, 2008

Some pictures - Yay!

Dining Room part of kitchen, just waiting for us to come eat there!

D's room, moving in.

D's bathroom finished with accessories.

Here is the garage door, we're still waiting on the "carriage door" accessories. This picture was taken before we laid the Saint Augustine sod. Big job! Hot - Texas - 95*!

We're about 90% moved in and HOPE to close by Wednesday, still no confirmation. We leave Friday morning at 6 a.m. to go to Alaska! This is stress, let me tell you! I need to pack for the three of us to be gone for 8 days and our lives are topsy turvy. I don't even KNOW where the big suitcase is!

Calgon, take me away! Oh wait, I can't take a bath here until we close!!! Aaaaghhh!

12 June, 2008

Still not in!

No, we're still not moved in - really. We've got about 80% of our "stuff" moved over, but we're not allowed to live here yet until we've closed. We're having all kinds of aggravations paperwork wise. It's all going to work out, but getting all the people to work together in a timely manner is maddening! Kind of like adoption, right??

You'd think we'd be good at maddeningly slow paperwork and waiting, huh?

So, the telephone was switched over last Friday as well as the DSL (yay!), but then our old computer wouldn't work with the new DSL/wireless modem so finally hubby brought his laptop over on Tuesday night and got it going. It's been crazy in my world the last couple of weeks!

The house was "finished" on Friday the 30th and the cleaners came and cleaned it all up. But there was still a list of little details and so the painters, plumbers, carpenters and electricians dirty the floors all up again. Actually a plumber is here working right now to finish up the water line to the ice maker.

I'll try getting some pictures up soon. I haven't had any computer time with all the moving and laying sod we've been doing. As well as swimming lessons for D and her final dance rehearsals before recital. We had her recital this past Sunday so all that is behind us as well.

I'm ready to just finally get moved in here and take a nice long soak in my big tub and hibernate for the rest of the summer!

I'm sorry I've left you all hanging with no info. It's been beyond hectic. But I'm soooooo glad to have fast internet again! Yay!!