13 September, 2008

While I Sill Have Electricity

We're getting ready for Ike to hit us. It SHOULD just be a tropical storm by the time it gets up to us, but right now they're still calling our county for Inland Hurricane Warning.

I'm sure we'll lose power soon after it hits, we lose power easily, even in just a regular thunder storm. It is still eerily dark outside right now.

We are a good 4-5 hours up from Galveston, but we'll probably still see some storminess.

There was never ANY talk (from officials) of our area evacuating, matter of fact, Hubby just left a bit ago to go out to the camp to help get breakfast ready for the evacuees.

After Gustav's trickery, so many people didn't evacuate this time and it's a doozie.

Ok, gotta run. I'm going to bake up some stuff in case we're out of power a while.


Update 6:50 a.m.: It is finally lightening up outside, but the clouds are a weird dusty pink color. Even the sidewalks appear pink - creepy!

6:56 a.m.! In just 5 minutes it changed to THIS! No, I didn't photo shop it, this is natural! Very strange and fast moving.

8:37 a.m. So far just windy, the local news says winds are now at about 30 mph gusts. The tops of the trees are rotating in a counter-clockwise manner, very odd. It looks like they're doing a dance. The clouds are just zooming by. We've had a few sprinkles but that's it so far. We've been changed from Inland Hurricane Warning to Tropical Storm Winds Warning and Flash Flood and Tornado Watch.

10:17 a.m. Hubby just called and the power is out at the camp now. So far we are still doing fine. Still just windy. A bit more forceful now, some pine boughs are down. Still dry.


Debbie B said...

That pink sky is so odd. Looks like we're only going to get the tails but you never know. Be safe!

jessy said...

Suzi, do you HAVE PhotoShop?
The wind is really picking up here.

Kris said...

Hope you are all well...and if you've lost electricity, it comes back on quickly!

MichelleAnn said...

I hope all is well! The updates were neat (until they stopped!!)

Chris said...

I hope you are all doing well. Maybe the power is still out there?

Glad to see everything is going well with Baby!

Best wishes.

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Wow! Hope you all are okay. . .Virginia Power sent crews. . .God bless!