22 May, 2008

An Exciting Day (house-wise) !!!!!

YES! The Kitchen appliances were delivered this morning!! I am so ecstatic over this! I hugged the fridge! It's the oven that I am going to kiss - once they remove the wrappings! I can't wait to get my hands on it!! Now all I'm waiting for is the dryer vent to be installed so my new washer and dryer can be delivered and then I'll truly be in appliance heaven!

The pile on the left is the cooktop, with the dishwasher underneath and the microwave/vent hood in front. To the right of the island, the big box is my ovens!!!

More to come! I'll have to go take more pictures this evening after the workers leave. Hint, hint - the plumber came today!!

21 May, 2008

OH So Busy

So busy right now with last bits of house building things. Busy end of first grade things. Busy with church things!

No pictures right now, but here's the latest scoop:

  • Been updating the other half our dossier that expired 4/29 - hopefully it'll be off to Austin today.
  • Builder called and it's time for the appliances to be delivered! Yayyy!
  • Closet man came and installed the rest of the closet things (bars, etc).
  • Floor man finally finished D's bathroom.
  • Faucets, sinks, toilets, towel bars, etc. delivered and sitting all over the house. When is the plumber coming??
  • Baseboard trim pieces installed today on completed floors!
  • Formica is installed in laundry room, office and entry hall - launch pad (did I include that in the last update?)

More later. Gotta run!

14 May, 2008

Wow, I've not posted in a while!

Life has been really hectic. I've got lots of pictures to upload of house progress, but there has been no internet access. I'm at the library right now, that's how desperate it has become! Hubby's new offices are having terrible internet problems since they moved and networked on a new system. Plus he's on vacation this week so we've not been up to the office all week anyhow.

Let me just say, we're about one and half weeks from move-in, or so it looks! They're laying flooring as we speak! All the painting is done, all the lighting is in. The countertops are in. You've missed so much, I'm sorry! I'll get you updated soon, though, I promise!

Hubby's parents are here until tomorrow. Plus yesterday was our 13th anniversary. Add to that daily trips to the bigger town 45 minutes away to go to L@wes, etc. for this or that and I've not had time to post.

You'll be amazed once I finally get time to post pictures!

Hang in there :O)

01 May, 2008

Still Learning

A few weeks ago I mentioned in my blog about the Smith family and their unborn daughter, Audrey Caroline. Audrey was born April 7 and lived a miraculous 2 hours and 27 minutes.
The Smith family has been an amazing testament of God's grace and mercy even in the midst of a terrible time.

The Smith's pastor, Pete Wilson, is doing a series about "Plan B" when life doesn't turn out the way you'd planned. In his latest lesson in this series he shares the Smith's story.

Please find 30 minutes to watch this video. I promise it will speak to you. It will cause you to hug your children and your family tighter when you get home.

Smith Family Story from Matthew Singleton on Vimeo.

Toward the end of the video, Angie shares how through this she has learned that Audrey's death was not God's Plan B. The way things worked out were always God's Plan A. This was simple, yet profound for me.

There are still days when I long for our adoption of Viktoria to have turned out differently. There is not one day that goes by that I don't think of her and all the "what if's." Just this morning in the shower I was thinking how she "should have been" home with us for two years by now. There are so many times when I cry out to God in this terrible wait to complete our family. But even though it seems incomprehensible to us, it has always been God's Plan A.

Just like Angie cried out to God saying, "Please, please let Audrey live! It will be a testimony to Your wonder and power!" I've cried out to God so many times, "Please, please bring Viktoria home! It will be a testimony to Your wonder and power! Please let accreditation come for us so we can bring home our long awaited child" I have so wanted to show God's strength through our adoption.

Oh I know that the pain and hurt that we've been through in this adoption is not one drop in a bucket compared to what the Smith's have dealt with. But God is teaching me through their experience. I'm holding on to God's Plan A!