16 November, 2010

This and That

Some Jack-O-Lantern carving pictures.
On our first cool day I made some hot spiced tea and C drank it up
in his tiny little cup like Grandpa.

People say that we live in the best small town in Texas. I guess so! Our firemen come right into the house and carry the trash out for us! That's service!

For Halloween supper I made Mummies. I said, "I guess I could cut them in half and do them at Christmas and they could be baby Jesus in swaddling clothes."
But Hubby said, "I wouldn't want to eat Jesus!"

We finally got a good bit of rain. I keep getting in trouble for letting C leave his wagon out where it can get rained in. Oopsie.

15 November, 2010

D is 10!!

A couple weeks ago we celebrated D's 10th birthday. I CANNOT believe my baby girl is double digits now! Here are a few pics of the festivities.
Our tradition is to take a picture of D going to bed one age and waking up the next age. I don't know what we'll do next year for 11 - add a big toe??

On the Thursday before her birthday we were in Dallas for her eye doctor appointment so we celebrated with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt D. Grandma made a homemade cake - yummy.

Before her friends arrived for the party.

On the Friday before (her birthday was mid-week) she had a sleepover. Here they are doing "cheers" with the ice cream cone cups over pizza and cheese balls.
On her actual birthday, November 3, it was a school day so I put a candle in her pancake that morning and we sang happy birthday again. It wasn't Walt Disney World this year, but I think she partied sufficiently for a 10 year old :O)