12 February, 2010

Our East Texas Winter Wonderland

It started snowing yesterday morning right as D left for school. It snowed all day until about 1:30 and then it stopped. This was our accumulation from that snow:

When D got home from school, she gathered the snow from the top of the picnic table and made a little snowman named Chillie Willie. . .

Chillie Willie's eyes are chocolate chips, his nose is a bit of yellow bell pepper and his mouth is red bell pepper. He is about 8 inches tall.

THEN IT BEGAN TO SNOW AGAIN about 8:00 last night and it snowed all night until D came into our room this morning at 4:30 to tell us it snowed!!!! So we looked out the window and I sent her back to bed, but she never fell back asleep. So we were out and playing in it this morning about 6:45!!

We got about 5 1/2 inches. This is a HUGE snow for us. The last time we had anywhere near this much snow was New Year's Eve 2000/2001.

C didn't really love the snow first thing this morning, so Daddy took him on a ride in the wagon while sister worked on Chillie's Mama, Mrs. Willie!!

Here is D with our completed Mrs. Willie.

Mrs. Willie's close-up. Here she is decked out in her apron, snow hat and a friendly smile.

D decided to see how it would be to jump on her trampoline with it covered in snow. She didn't jump long.

C warmed up to the idea of the snow a bit more as the morning went along, but he still preferred to look at it from his window.