28 July, 2008

We interrupt your blog reading for an important announcement . . . .

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We have received ACCREDITATION in Russia!
Let the fun begin . . . . AGAIN!

We had a conference call with our agency on Friday afternoon and they let us know that it had happened. But they asked us not to post it publicly until the certificate was in hand. Do you know how hard that news was for me to KEEP!
The certificate ceremony was held today in Moscow
at 12 noon (last night while were sleeping).

Buckner International Adoption is accredited!!
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!!!

Just a little "coincidence??" The accreditation was approved
1 year later, to the day, that we found out about losing Viktoria. July 23.

I just realized another "coincidence." I started this blog on July 28, 2007 one year to the day that we received this good news.

26 July, 2008

Just posting to post

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted.

We had Vacation Bible School last week, so if you have ever worked in VBS before that should be a 'Nuff Said reason! Add to that the fact that my husband is over the department that puts VBS together and has to head everything up, you'll see that VBS consumes our household once a year. Although VBS is great, 12:30 on Friday of the week of VBS is really great too - when it's over!

So, now I have to get finished on the last stragglers of my paperwork and the thing I'm dreading the most is making a new photo book. Two reasons for that - now it has to be notarized and apostilled and the original shows our family 3 years ago. Now hubby and I haven't changed much in those three years, but D was 4 and now she's nearly 8. So, she has changed a ton! Plus add to that a new house and all, we have to have a new book - sigh.

So, that's what I'm going to be working on today.

Have a great Saturday - don't melt!

15 July, 2008

Got Toilet Paper??

When our case manager was here yesterday for our home study update, we were going over a check list thing as all home studies seem to have. But this one I've never seen before. On one of the questions it asked if the family was able to supply toilet paper and soap?!

Let me just say, if we can't afford toilet paper and soap what on earth are we doing adopting a child from Russia!!! Now, there again, after it's all said and done we may have to go back to corn-cobs when the money runs dry!

Anyhow that just struck me as funny and the more I think of it the funnier it gets!

14 July, 2008

Home Study Update - Today

I have been so busy, I haven't had time to get on here and let you know that we are having our homestudy update today at 1 p.m. CT.

I'll report later.

*** Ok, I'm reporting back. Everything went just fine - as it usually does. I always get so nervous beforehand and want to get every single thing perfect in the house. This time it was just extra stressful in a way because we are still in such transition. But on the plus side, the house hasn't had much time to get dirty yet, so cleaning wasn't too bad.

Of course we talked a bit about the little boy who died in VA. Everyone (at the agency and the families waiting) are on pins and needles waiting to see if this will effect accreditation. Our agency's paperwork is literally sitting on the desk of the Ministry of Education waiting to be stamped with the final approval. Terrible timing.

Yes, we have even more paperwork to do. Isn't there always "more paperwork?" But at least maybe this batch will not be for naught.

I'm ready to relax and eat bon-bons for a few days. But I gotta get busy on that paperwork!

10 July, 2008

Huge prayer request on so many levels!

There has been another adopted Russian child to die. It is so terrible for the whole family. The 21 month old boy has only been home 3 months and his father forgot he was in the backseat of the SUV when he went in to work.

The father collapsed from the shock of finding his son dead and remains hospitalized.

"Oh God, help!"

09 July, 2008

Free Subscription to Parenting Magazine

Wow, this is really neat. It almost seems to good to be true, but the lady at Freebies 4 Mom says it works!
http://freebies4mom .blogspot. com/search/ label/Freebies

I just spent about 20 minutes watching Johnson & Johnson commercials and "earned" a year's subscription to Parenting magazine!

05 July, 2008

I am unpacking books

While unpacking books, I came across this book, "The Right Fit" by Sinead Moriarty. If anyone would like to read it, I'll send it along!

03 July, 2008

A Good Site - Describing Russia's Orphan Population

This site is one of the best I've read. It describes many details concerning Russia's Orphan Population.

02 July, 2008

D's "disease" and a very interesting web site to check out

Hey y'all.

D has Fifth Disease. So, that is what the mystery rash is. Now that I know what it is, I can thump my head and say, "duh!"

And for the interesting website, this lady had resolved to cook every day of 2008 in her Crock Pot. She is even going to be on Rachel Ray next week, on July 9!!!

This is very interesting to me and hopefully I'll gain some great recipes from her site. These hot Texas summer days are great times for crock pot cooking.

**Edited to change the Rachel Ray date, her segment got bumped up from July 23 to the 9th!

01 July, 2008

More paperwork

I'm working on getting some updated paperwork done in hopes of THE Good News coming soon.

I take D to her doctor tomorrow for her medical check up to submit medicals for registering in Smolensk. Wouldn't it be great if this all could be finished before the 3 months are over and we have to re-do them yet again. (I think this is the 6th time as it is.) I know, that's beyond wishful thinking!

Ok, back to printing out more medical forms.