29 September, 2008

2 Months old & lots of tears

C turned 2 months old today and had his check-up. He also had his shots today and he's not been a happy camper this afternoon. Did he ever scream when he got those shots! He was M-A-D!

He's been sleeping alot and has a bit of fever, but hopefully he'll be better in the morning. I hope he continues sleeping tonight since he has slept all afternoon except during feeding time.

He weighed in at 9 lbs 12 oz!! That puts him in the 7th percentile for weight on the regular growth chart, not the preemie chart. So that means he's gained 4 pounds 11 oz since coming home.

He was 21 1/2 inches long. I think that was the 11 th percentile for height. He's grown 4 1/2 inches since he was born!

The doctor was happy with his progress.

We won't do another Monday appointment, though. She is normally good to spend lots of time with us, but today I felt rushed. Her main nurse took today off too, so it was really busy and hectic today.

Here's a picture of our little man, laying with Daddy on the couch. You can tell he doesn't feel too well.

P.S. C has been a little sick over the weekend and spent much of it just drinking Pedia-Lyte. So I'm sure he lost some weight. He may have been over 10 pounds if he had not gotten sick!


Debbie B said...

So cute even if he doesn't feel good. Isabel was the same way at her 2 month shots. She slept for the next 36 hours basically only waking for short periods to eat. Hope the fever doesn't last too long.

jessy said...

Oh, he will be passing up Cara soon. He is really beautiful...and I don't say that to everyone!

jessy said...

P.S. I didn't know you were the baby! I guess I know some last borns afterall. And, no, I don't think you fit those characteristics at all.

Gina said...

Poor little guy... shots are the worst! I hope he feels better in the morning. You know, even when he isn't feeling well, he is one beautiful baby!

JennyM said...

He is so cute. Amazing and unexpected are sometimes the ways God works isn't it? May your family be richly blessed. Thanks for sending me an email with congratulations for our court date. It has been a long road and we are looking forward to the end. :0)