24 August, 2009

First Day of THIRD Grade!

Going to bed a second grader....Waking up as a third grader!!

I cannot believe my little baby girl is already in THIRD Grade! She was ready and excited for school to start. Believe it or not, I wasn't quite ready yet.

We went last Thursday for Meet the Teacher, but her teacher wasn't there. Her elderly mother fell and hit her head and was in the hospital, so she couldn't be there. I just hope she was there this morning. We are very happy with the teacher that D got for 3rd grade. She's had great teachers every year so far.
Going to meet the teacher with all her new school supplies!

Here are some pictures of the big day:

The traditional picture outside the front door. She was excited about wearing her new outfit that Grandma bought her, she said she felt like a teenager in it - ey, yi, yi!

And she's off for her first day of Third Grade!

Water Park in our own front yard

D and her friends decided to build their own waterpark (well, mommy built it) and they had an end of summer blast last Friday. We have three 8 year old girls (the other two are both named G) in a row on our street which is great. D had her pool and slip-n-slide; G1 had a little pool; and G2 had a medium pool and slip-n-slide and we put C's little pool out too along with a water sprinkler spraying over the whole thing. D made a sign to put on the front porch for their "Snack Shack" and I made menus for them to choose their lunch and drinks. It was a fun day.

14 August, 2009

Still pretty rough

C is still having a bit of pain and ouchie, does it look like it must hurt! I was hoping he'd be further along than this by now but hopefully by Monday . . .

Poor mommy broke into tears this morning because there is nothing I can do to help him other than give him medicine and try and keep him comfy. He'll toddle around & play a minute, cry to be held, cry because he wants down, cry to come up again, so on and so on.

My sweet friend brought lunch (& gifts) over today and thankfully C slept mostly through it so we could visit.

12 August, 2009

Surgery and Such

C had surgery Monday morning and although Mommy was so scared about them putting him to sleep he did really well. He had some boy stuff surgery done. He was pretty out of it Monday afternoon and evening but by about mid morning yesterday he was acting pretty ok with just occasional bouts of fussiness (I'd be fussy too - probaby fussier!) He keeps waking and going back to sleep this morning, so here I am on the computer. I'll hear him on the monitor and get up and by the time I get back to him he's asleep again.

So here are some pictures of his surgery day:

^Hanging out in the holding room, not having a clue what's coming up!

^He fell asleep waiting. We'd all been awake since 3-ish a.m.!

^After his dose of goofy juice.

^The nurse came to get him to take him to surgery. I was surprise he didn't complain at all about her taking him, I guess the goofy juice did its job. They just carried him around, to the surgery and when we went back to recovery afterward they were holding him at the nurses station. He was the tiniest patient of the day.

^After the surgery in the recovery room. Poor little guy! Mommy was trying to make him feel better.

01 August, 2009

What does the puppy dog say?

C Laughing at the Ice Maker

Every time we get ice from the fridge, C comes running and squeals with laughter at the noise. I think it started because at first it scared him, but I'd always laugh and make an excited, surprise face when we get the ice and now he gets so excited about it.

Then you'll see us playing chase and you'll be able to see all our little barriers that we've set up to keep C either "in" or "out" of a space. We put a barstool and exersaucer up in the office opening and the ottomon to block up the living room area and make a "corral".

Excuse my tablecloth hanging on the back of the love seat. It just came out of the dryer and I was trying to get away with not ironing it.


p.s. Joanna, those are the pants you sent with the "little brother" outfit. I love them for when he naps, but they got so short (size 3/6 mos) that I just whacked the footies out of them LOL.