23 September, 2008


Can you hear Lionel Richie singing? "All Night Long - all night, all night"

C slept ALL NIGHT LONG last night!! Woooo Hoooo!

Of course it may just be a fluke and it may not happen again for months, but it was wonderful and so shocking!

I've been working on getting him on a schedule and doing the eat, play, sleep thing. Which isn't working too well because he falls asleep eating so often. But he's pretty much got his schedule set. It was a tough day yesterday. I let him sleep one nap in his big crib for the first time ever and then he slept the night in his crib and I slept in the floor on a mattress. I figured he would cry alot in the night and I didn't want to wake the whole house, but lo and behold he slept all night and I pretty much did too. I'd hear him grunt and move every now and then but nary a cry!

Update: Jessy asked if I woke up scared when I realized he hadn't woken up in the night. No, because since I slept in his floor, I heard all his grunts, snorts and breathing so I knew he was ok.

I finally finished a roll of film and will take it to be developed today and get a CD so hopefully some of them are good! Oh how I wish my good camera was digital! Film - such an antiquated notion!!

P.S. Oh yeah! C turns 8 weeks old today!!

Wednesday morning Update: Well, I guess it was fluke-ish. He did sleep well last night, but only made it to 4:40. Then right back to sleep till 7. So, not too bad!


jessy said...

Congratulations! Did it scare you for a second when you woke up and realized he had slep through?

Debbie B said...

I think Izzy was in her third month when she finally stopped falling asleep every time she ate. That was tough.

Yippee!! Sleeping all through the night. That's great. I HOPE that it wasn't a fluke.