27 April, 2010


Today D will take her first State Standardized Test which is called the TAKS test in Texas. 3rd grade is the first time it's given. She was a good bit nervous last night.

The kids are supposed to eat a good, big breakfast on TAKS test day. So, I made her favorite pancakes and bacon. Since today is the math portion of the test, her pancakes were shaped like a plus and minus sign. I also made two dots (not pictured, they were still on the griddle) to turn the minus into a division sign. She could look at the plus sign sideways for the multiplication sign, so she was covered!

25 April, 2010

Pictures of D

Well, they're not the best example of my photography, but here we go.
I took them before we left to take D to Sunday School and the sun was so bright. We were going to take more when she got home from church, but she came straight in and changed into play clothes so we didn't get more in her pretty dress.


Well, we're home this morning with Mr. C having the yucky nose/cough sickies. He's still going and playing, but we can't go to church nursery like this and I really do not think he'd make it through the church service in my arms at this active, noisey age!

Anyhow, this is what Mr. C was up to this morning:

p.s. Pictures of sister coming later. We tried taking some this morning in her pretty dress before Sunday School, but the sun was too bright.

08 April, 2010

Silly Boy

Last night while cleaning in D's room, D and I were busy doing something and I looked over and saw C! I whispered to D to run and get me the camera fast . . . here is what he was doing-
Riding on D's Barbie VW Bug!

Guess Who??!!

Did you think I'd fallen off the face of the earth??

I thought I'd better get on here and get some new pictures up for the g-parents!
Hunting eggs in our yard, after church on Easter.
This is the best we could do this year of getting D and C's picture together on Easter. C would NOT sit still.

C at the family Easter Egg hunt.

C with his first egg dying experience.

Here is D with Boots, her new bunny rabbit. Boots was nervous, so her ears are laying back. She has one white paw.