23 April, 2008

A little update

Not anything to update on OUR adoption front.

There is good news out in adoption land, though, for Debbie, a good friend of mine and I look forward to hearing more about her wonderful news!

Last Friday we got an updated e-mail from our agency saying that the accreditation paperwork is still in active review, but no official word yet as to being complete.

In new house news, the staining is finally complete as well as the prep-work on all the walls and trim such as caulking and filling in all those hundreds of little nail holes. They’ve got all the windows and doors and cabinetry all covered up with plastic now and have done a primer coat on D’s beadboard. We just stopped by and they were painting in my closet and prepping doors for painting. I am so glad they’re finally moving forward on the actual painting part. It took a long time for the staining and prep-work. Over two weeks for that phase. I wonder if I can dare to hope that they’ll be done with painting by the end of this week??

As I type this, we are on our way to a larger town about 1 hour away to go to Kirkland Home and see if we can find mirrors for the girls’ bathroom and the powder room. I love Kirkland Home! They have great decorative items at a very reasonable price.

I got some photos of the new desk yesterday before it was stained, but now it’s stained and covered up with plastic wrap, so I’ll have to wait to get more photos of that later. I also took some up close photos of the front porch after the railing was painted. Maybe by the time I’m able to post this to the blog, I’ll have some colorful photos of the new paint.

The outdoor shutters were delivered last week, and I’m anxious to see those put on. I think it will really make the outside look more complete. Of course we’re still waiting on the vinyl siding guy to come back and finish the dormers and the trim work over the front porch. I hope he comes soon!

I ordered the cabinet pulls last week, they should be in soon. I was so surprised how expensive those things are. I ordered 75 of them and will do some from L@wes or H@me Dep@t for the girls’ bathroom and the laundry room.

I am anxious to see the colors on the walls. I’m so afraid that the main color I chose is going to be too dark!

Blah, blah, blah.

I feel like I’m sitting here talking about cabbages and kings. Inconsequential things. Pretending the elephant is not sitting right in the middle of the room, or blog in this case.

I so very badly wish I had some adoption news to share. I’ve been kind of down about it lately. It’s just taking a ridiculously long time no matter how you look at it. I guess since we’re coming to the end of the house building it is becoming more evident that we still don’t have our child home.

Good grief! We’re waiting for an already born child (according to our dossier age range!), it’s not like we’re waiting for a child to be conceived and gestated! And here, during this time, we’ve built an entire new house and still haven’t managed to bring this already born, waiting for a family, child across the world and home.



Becky and Keith said...

I absolutely LOVE that desk! That would be perfect for scrapbooking stuff (and keeping it all hidden!). I'm sorry there hasn't been any great news on the adoption front. I know how hard it is to wait for accreditation - as soon as you get a glimmer of hope something else happens. On the plus side, at least they are still actively reviewing everything - that's a good thing! The house is looking beautiful! Hard to believe you'll be moving in soon!

jessy said...

Oh, I am dreadfully envious of that computer desk! The house is so beautiful, Susie.
I hate this wait has been so long for you--as you said--ridiculously long. I hate that.

Joy said...

I just can not imagine how you feel. I think it must be very difficult for you to hear about everyone's good news. I can tell you are the type of person who IS very happy for everyone but that does not change that you are hurting right now.

I will pray an extra prayer tonight for your agency, your family and your new child where ever she is tonight.

Lori said...

Can I just say I am outraged for you...it is rediculous all this politics and crap that goes on with accredidation etc. I mean what is up? I get so frustrated with it all...Looking back I can see what God was doing all along, paving the road to the perfect time...it stinks while your in the midst but if we are lucky, He reveals His purpose in the end...I continue to pray over your process and wait longingly for news...Take care!

kate said...

I understand ALL about elephants. ;>