18 April, 2008

Updated pictures of the house

I've got a couple more new pictures of the driveway and sidewalk. Not too extremely exciting, but OH so nice not to have to wade through the mud and the muck! In the top picture, see all the garbage in the background? They finally hauled it all away yesterday, halellujah! You can see the new improved yard from the picture today!

The computer desk was delivered and installed today from the cabinet maker. Now it has to be stained as well. At first we'd decided not to have it built in, but we shopped around and couldn't find anything in the right size for that spot that fit our needs, so we had the cabinet maker build it. It took him a while. I forgot to take a picture of it today, I'll add it in later.

Oh! And they also got the porch railing painted, you can just barely see it a tiny bit in the second picture, I'll have to take a picture of that too and add it in. It is satin black on top and bottom rail and the middle spindles are white.

** It looks like we're about a month away from completion!! We're hoping for the week after mother's day. Hubby has taken that week off for a vacation week. The 13th of May is our 13th anniversary. Maybe we'll get a GREAT anniversary present this year!!


Kay B said...

Wow, the house is really coming along. I keep checking in hoping to hear some adoption news too. How much longer until it's ready for move-in?

kate said...

It looks great! Maybe your little one is just waiting until this project is finished before making her debut. ;> I wanna know, too--when can you move in?

Joy said...

The house is coming along. The last couple of days waiting for the house to be finished is fun because you can really see where you want everything to go.

Michael and Carrie said...

Your house looks great! It's exciting that you have a move in date! That will be a great anniversary present!

Stephanie said...

Your house is so nice! How exciting you are just a month away. We celebrated 13 years of marriage last December!