26 April, 2008

Weekend House Update

It looks like we'll have lots to update from now until the house is done!

They got the desk stained:

The color on the dining area wall:

The beadboard painted and the wall color in D's room:

The vinyl guy came back and has just about got the dormers and final trimwork done:

It's really beginning to be exciting to see many things being finished each day. The painter said they should be done by Friday. He also said that he overheard that the counter tops should be in this week too.

I'll keep you posted!


Debbie B said...

Wow! You'll be in before you know it. Are you getting packed, again?

Looks great

Amy said...

Lookin' good. And now the real fun starts...packing {ugh!}

Michael and Carrie said...

Everything looks so good! I'm sure the next few weeks will pass quickly as it all comes together, and you'll be in there in no time!

Chris said...

Wow, you have one great looking house!

Chelley said...

Really you are going to be so busy unpanking VERY soon!!!

working out what is going to go where!!

OH and I LOVE your desk!!!