24 August, 2009

Water Park in our own front yard

D and her friends decided to build their own waterpark (well, mommy built it) and they had an end of summer blast last Friday. We have three 8 year old girls (the other two are both named G) in a row on our street which is great. D had her pool and slip-n-slide; G1 had a little pool; and G2 had a medium pool and slip-n-slide and we put C's little pool out too along with a water sprinkler spraying over the whole thing. D made a sign to put on the front porch for their "Snack Shack" and I made menus for them to choose their lunch and drinks. It was a fun day.


jessy said...

Looks like fun...and check out the stud muffin!

Debbie B said...

I'm sure they had a blast. So neat that she's got friends so close. I missed that growing up.