24 August, 2009

First Day of THIRD Grade!

Going to bed a second grader....Waking up as a third grader!!

I cannot believe my little baby girl is already in THIRD Grade! She was ready and excited for school to start. Believe it or not, I wasn't quite ready yet.

We went last Thursday for Meet the Teacher, but her teacher wasn't there. Her elderly mother fell and hit her head and was in the hospital, so she couldn't be there. I just hope she was there this morning. We are very happy with the teacher that D got for 3rd grade. She's had great teachers every year so far.
Going to meet the teacher with all her new school supplies!

Here are some pictures of the big day:

The traditional picture outside the front door. She was excited about wearing her new outfit that Grandma bought her, she said she felt like a teenager in it - ey, yi, yi!

And she's off for her first day of Third Grade!


Debbie B said...

She does look like a tween at least! But I guess that's kind of where she's at. Scary! They all grow up too quickly.
That's a lot of supplies.

The Holmes Crew said...

They do indeed grow before our very eyes! I love the 2 fingers then 3! Very cute!

Stephanie said...

Wow - she is growing up! What a cutie!