01 August, 2009

C Laughing at the Ice Maker

Every time we get ice from the fridge, C comes running and squeals with laughter at the noise. I think it started because at first it scared him, but I'd always laugh and make an excited, surprise face when we get the ice and now he gets so excited about it.

Then you'll see us playing chase and you'll be able to see all our little barriers that we've set up to keep C either "in" or "out" of a space. We put a barstool and exersaucer up in the office opening and the ottomon to block up the living room area and make a "corral".

Excuse my tablecloth hanging on the back of the love seat. It just came out of the dryer and I was trying to get away with not ironing it.


p.s. Joanna, those are the pants you sent with the "little brother" outfit. I love them for when he naps, but they got so short (size 3/6 mos) that I just whacked the footies out of them LOL.

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Debbie B said...

Awww! Don't cut his hair. I love the wispy curls that look like they're along his neck. He looks so cute!

He is a mover. It took Isabel so long to figure out how to stand up in the middle of the room like that.
Have you taken him for his one year check up yet? Wondering if they said anything about his feet turning in when he walks. Isabel's left foot does the same and they said it's no problem but the other one is starting too. Just wondering.