09 October, 2008

"Grand" Babies!

Last Thursday we went to visit my Daddy and step-mom. Also visiting were my nephew and his wife who had a baby boy just 2 1/2 weeks after C was born and we hadn't gotten to meet him yet. L and C are just about the same size. L looks a bit smaller in the pictures, but he actually felt a little heavier to us. It's crazy to be having a new baby at the same time as my nephew who has always been "my baby" no matter that he is nearly 23! So, here is a picture with my Daddy and his new Grandson and his new Great Grandson!


Debbie B said...

What a priceless picture. C does look bigger.

U.N. Mama said...

Precious picture!

sandy said...

What a wonderful picture! Your dad looks so happy, and those are two of the luckiest little baby boys to have him for a grandpa and great-grandpa.