11 October, 2008

D's Family Day

Tomorrow is D's actual Family Day 10/12/01. SEVEN years! But since it is Sunday and one of our busiest days of the week, we've been celebrating throughout the weekend.

She had a friend to spend the night. Hubby made Chicken Kiev, Russian-y mashed potatoes and green peas (we ate them warm instead of cold). We ordered lots of Russian food from Moscow on the Hudson in NY, NY. It was delivered just in time. We had white Russian Bread, Russian Chocolates, Cookies, Salami. Our neighbors dropped by just before we ate, so we invited them to join us. We hung our Russian Flag for the weekend.

D's little friend had a great time playing with D's (one) doll (that D never plays with) with all the real baby stuff (swing, bouncy seat, bottles, changing table etc.) We took D's doll out of the doll cradle and put C in there. Her friend thought that was wonderful, I even let her feed C a bit of formula.


jessy said...

Mmmmm....sounds yummy! I was just thinking about how good a big bowl of pelmini sounded, and I think this post has put me over the top.

Debbie B said...

Cute pic of C.
Happy Family Day D! Isabel is wearing the outfit she wore to court Sunday in honor of her.

beckyww said...

Congrats! We love our Sisters Day down here - 5/18!