05 October, 2008

Pray for Jeff and Jenny

Jenny and Jeff, one of the final waiting families from our "original" group of bloggers, are finally on their way to court for their two girls!

After waiting 10 months between the first trip and this trip, they are about an hour into their flight from JFK to Moscow.

My prayers are definitely with them.

As much as I love C and am beyond thrilled to have him in our lives and family, a part of my heart will always belong in Russia and long to return there. I'll be following their journey to bring Sugar and Spice home and living vicariously through their journey!

Another of my Pre-Adoptive friends, K and her husband M left Saturday to meet their hopeful son-to-be, baby I. They have been waiting for a referral since about the time we went to meet Viktoria in March of 2006! So they are really due for an easy breezy process from here on out! Nope, she doesn't have a blog yet no matter how much I've begged her to make one. So, please pray for K, M and baby I as they begin their journey to family-hood!


Kay B said...


Thanks for posting about Jeff & Jenny. I have followed them for a long time, but had not checked in on them in a while. I will definitely be praying for them and rejoicing with them!!

Chelley said...

Prayers said!

Debbie B said...

My heart still longs to be there as well.

Keep me posted on K & M if you can.