26 August, 2008

Preparing the nursery

One of the drawbacks of a surprise adoption is that there is no time to prepare! We are just now getting things together for C's nursery. Of course he's been sleeping in a bassinette in our room since he came home. So it's not mandatory that the nursery be hurried, but we're ready to get things organized and find a place for all this stuff that a little one accumulates!!

So, here are a few pics as we wade our way through!

We really liked the baby bed we had with D, so we got C one just like it in Cherry along with the matching changing table. We looked into a more transitional crib, but they all go into a full bed and we couldn't find one with a drop down side which I need since I'm short. This goes into a toddler bed, and D stayed in her's as a toddler bed till she turned 5 and got her big girl furniture. Hubby wants C to have bunk beds when he gets older.

Since C can't get out and about much yet, Hubby went and bought the Chest/Dresser all by himself. That was brave of me, wasn't it? Hubby has been having much more imput in C's room than he did with D's or Vika's. So, I let him choose. I think he did well! It was just delivered right before I had to go pick D up from school.

We still have alot more cleaning up to do. I have to go through all those totes and divide things up into what we'll keep, what will go in D's memory box since most likely we won't reuse alot of it now., and what we'll give away (Kim K. & Deb, you'll have a box coming if you want it!) It's been a little emotional for me to go through all that stuff.

Here is a glimpse of C's bedding. It arrived yesterday afternoon. I really like it. It is by Cocalo and the fabrics and textures are really nice. I don't know how much will come across in the picture.

P.S. TXMOM2B, here is a link to the nursery we had prepared for Viktoria. We had all the pieces in white. We loved this set. It is so sturdy and versatile. The side goes up and down really smoothly and it worked great for D coming home at 11 months until she was 5! We couldn't find a dresser or glider in the cherry, so we bought this seperate dresser that will work for him his whole life. Then we already had the upholstered rocking chair that matches perfectly and we didn't even plan it.


Debbie B said...

You know I'll take some hand-me downs.
I was wondering about his room. I think hubby did a great job picking the furniture. I'm not sure what Dave would have picked had I let him do that. I like the bedding set. Very boy! I bet hubby is having a blast shopping for his son.

TXMom2B said...

How cute! We have the same crib and changing table, except in white. Hopefully I find out someday soon if it's good or not:-)

Stephanie said...

Ya'll are off to a great start. Love that bedding!

Pasifik said...

i like that toddler bed. great stuff!