27 August, 2008

Hooray for Sleepy Wrap!!!!

It's here, it's here! Our Sleepy Wrap has arrived!!

I tore into it like Christmas morning!

Oh wow, look! A cute little carrying pouch, that is a surprise!

And after just one false "tie", got it a little too loose the first time - wah lah! C is asleep in the SLEEPY WRAP!!

I just picked him up out of the bassinette and slid him right in the pouch and he never woke up!
I'm lovin' my Sleepy Wrap already!!
It's very snuggly and no pressure anywear. Kind of like wearing a too tight t-shirt, the feel of it. If I had on a black T, especially a long sleeve one, it would even look quite nice to go out and about in!
I've got to stop by the baby boutique before picking D up from school and I'm going to wear it in and tell the owner she's GOT to start carrying them! This shop has just recently made an obscene amount of money off our shower, specifically from monogrammed burp cloths. Maybe she'll cut me a deal on another one, maybe in red!
P.S. I'm typing with two hands and C is still sleeping like a baby :O)
Update: I just washed my face, brushed my teeth, put on my contacts and make-up and went to the potty! All while holding C. I love it! Ok, off to pick D up from school, I wish I didn't have to take C out of the pouch and put him in the carseat!
Sandy, I think it would be easy to carry a child up to 25-ish pounds in it. There are 3 different "holds" the way I have C is the newborn/preemie hold. Here is a link to the older child hold.


Kris said...

I was definitely interested in hearing your experience! If I had an infant, this would definitely be one I'd get! Looks so easy and comfortable too!

Amy said...

YEAH! Glad you are enjoying the wrap and getting alot of things done. It looks extremely comfortable for both you and C.

sandy said...

Do you think that would work for a 9-12 month old or is it simply for infants? M likes to be carried around too.

Debbie B said...

You sound so thrilled. I'm so glad that it works for you and C. He does look comfy.
The day after you posted that you ordered one I saw a commercial on TV for them.

Heidi said...

wow! that's nothing short of a miracle... enjoy!!!

Andrea said...

I was just about to ask if it arrived! Oh he looks so sweet, all snuggled in there; that's fantastic that you can multitask so easily, and it looks as though he agrees, lol!