25 August, 2008

First Day of Second Grade

I cannot believe D is a Second Grader! Today was her first day back to school, boy did this summer FLY past!! I seriously doubt there is another second grader in D's school who had as eventful a summer as she did!!

Ok, here are some pix!

Going to bed for the last time as a First Grader and . . . .

Waking up a SECOND GRADER!!!

All ready to go.

She picked out her own outfit and wanted to wear her hair down like the big girls (it drives me nuts hanging in her face). So I relented for the first day. After she got dressed I met her in the hall and she asked, "How do I look?" and I looked at her and nearly cried as I said, "you look great!" She popped into the bathroom to look at herself and said, "I look like a teenager!" and I told her, "I know, that's why I kind of looked sad a minute ago when I looked at you, I'm not ready for you to grow up so fast!"

Bye, Bye! Here I go!


yorkiemom said...

Congrats on D's first day! She looks so grown up.

Debbie B said...

She does. She looks so big and grown. STOP!
I think it is the hair, it must stay in pigtails!

Happy first day of school. I hope she had a fun day. Hopefully mommy got to nap with C today.

TIFFANY & CO. said...

WHAT A CUTIE!! We should get D & my Marina doing a penpal thing or something. :)