30 June, 2008

Some news - just not THE news

When we returned home, we had an e-mail from our agency that all 4 signatures have been received for accreditation. Now we just await the official certificate! Hopefully in a few days I'll be posting THE good news!

Yep Deb, you were right when you wrote in the previous comments, "Hopefully when you come home they'll be some good news of accreditation and you'll have to get busy on paperwork. "

We've already got instructions for some new paperwork.


Debbie B said...

Praise God! So glad that you received jsut a tiny bit of news in the right direction.

Glady ou enjoyed your trip. Looking forward to seeing pics and hearing all about it.

Amy said...

Hey, any news in the right direction is GREAT news. Looking forward to seeing a picture or 2 of your vacation. Some day we would like to go to Alaska.

Stephanie said...

Almost there! Hope that paperwork is already on its way! Glad yall had fun in Alaska!

Dede said...

Hang in there sounds like things will be happening soon.