12 June, 2008

Still not in!

No, we're still not moved in - really. We've got about 80% of our "stuff" moved over, but we're not allowed to live here yet until we've closed. We're having all kinds of aggravations paperwork wise. It's all going to work out, but getting all the people to work together in a timely manner is maddening! Kind of like adoption, right??

You'd think we'd be good at maddeningly slow paperwork and waiting, huh?

So, the telephone was switched over last Friday as well as the DSL (yay!), but then our old computer wouldn't work with the new DSL/wireless modem so finally hubby brought his laptop over on Tuesday night and got it going. It's been crazy in my world the last couple of weeks!

The house was "finished" on Friday the 30th and the cleaners came and cleaned it all up. But there was still a list of little details and so the painters, plumbers, carpenters and electricians dirty the floors all up again. Actually a plumber is here working right now to finish up the water line to the ice maker.

I'll try getting some pictures up soon. I haven't had any computer time with all the moving and laying sod we've been doing. As well as swimming lessons for D and her final dance rehearsals before recital. We had her recital this past Sunday so all that is behind us as well.

I'm ready to just finally get moved in here and take a nice long soak in my big tub and hibernate for the rest of the summer!

I'm sorry I've left you all hanging with no info. It's been beyond hectic. But I'm soooooo glad to have fast internet again! Yay!!


Joy said...

I am glad that the house is done. Every time we move Gerard is so funny he does like us to stay in the house until everything is unpacked and in its place.
Good Luck,

beckyww said...

Yeah for that internet, girl!

Stephanie said...

Hope you get all moved in real soon!