14 May, 2008

Wow, I've not posted in a while!

Life has been really hectic. I've got lots of pictures to upload of house progress, but there has been no internet access. I'm at the library right now, that's how desperate it has become! Hubby's new offices are having terrible internet problems since they moved and networked on a new system. Plus he's on vacation this week so we've not been up to the office all week anyhow.

Let me just say, we're about one and half weeks from move-in, or so it looks! They're laying flooring as we speak! All the painting is done, all the lighting is in. The countertops are in. You've missed so much, I'm sorry! I'll get you updated soon, though, I promise!

Hubby's parents are here until tomorrow. Plus yesterday was our 13th anniversary. Add to that daily trips to the bigger town 45 minutes away to go to L@wes, etc. for this or that and I've not had time to post.

You'll be amazed once I finally get time to post pictures!

Hang in there :O)


Michelle said...

How exciting!!! I'm so glad you are almost in the house!
~Michelle (from baptist mamas)

Debbie B said...

Happy Anniversary!! Can't wait to see the house. Do you already have teh DSL scheduled to be set up??