06 April, 2008

Oh my, please pray for this family

If ever I think we've had it hard . . . I should never whine again!

Please read this blog and pray for this family.


The lead singer of the contemporary Christian group Selah, and his wife are set to deliver a baby tomorrow- she has no amniotic fluid. They have a memorial service planned already for this week.

Pray for this family- Sure would be great if God would let this baby live as a testimony to the world, but if not- whatever may come- this family needs prayer!

**update Wednesday - Baby Audrey Caroline was born Monday after noon at 4:31 and the family was blessed to have a little over two hours with her before she left this earth and went to Heaven to be with God.

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Kay B said...

This is a terribly heart-breaking story, but what a beautiful family - Angie, the mother, has such a heart for God! I cried through all of her old posts. Even through the darkest hours of her pain she brings glory to God and reaches out to the reader with His amazing love. I long for a faith so strong as hers. Adoption is no easy journey and I have learned so much about God's sovereignty and His amazing love, but still I don't think I could bear her pain and at the same time so beautifully honor God.