28 March, 2008

Found the camera - more pix!

Ok, I found the camera. I had left it on the fireplace bricks when we met with the cabinet man - oops.

So, here are a few more up to date pictures.

The fireplace mantle

Up close view of the texture of the walls


Amy said...

I like the color of your brick. It's really coming along. Do you have an estimated move in date???

Christine said...

How exciting! It is coming along quite nicely.

Becky and Keith said...

The house looks GREAT! I'm so glad you found the camera. I love the arched doorways - they add so much character.

Chris Goeppner said...

I love seeing pictures of your new house! How exciting to see it coming along so beautifully. I'm praying your agency gets reaccredited real soon!

Heidi said...

Cool house pix!
Checking in on your adoption news. Hope all is well. The rollercoaster is a tough ride, hang in there, the ending is miraculous!