27 March, 2008

Long time no post - sorry!

I didn't realize it had been so long since I'd posted an update until last night when my mother in law asked on the phone why I hadn't posted any new pictures of the house in such a long time!

Things are happening on the house which is wonderful! They began bricking last Friday and they're doing a great job on it too. I'm picky about bricks and didn't want any messy brick work. Smudgy and lumpy mortar is a pet peeve of mine. I'm very pleased with their work! They've come a long way since I took these pictures, but I can't find my camera! I'm sure it'll turn up, but here is a glimpse at the brick work...

They also got all the texturing done inside and did the primer coat on the walls and the ceilings. Here are a couple pictures of that...

We met with the builder and cabinet maker two days ago. It took about 2 hours to walk through the house and hash out our ideas and for him to work through them and come up with a workable plan. I thought I had the kitchen all planned out, but we had to re-work several things to make all the drawers etc. fit. I think it's going to be beautiful. I really like this man, he reminds me sooo much of my uncle, my dad's youngest brother, that I felt like I already knew him. D and I went by the house this afternoon after school and were so surprised that the mantle was already there! Just two days after meeting with him! The builder estimates that the cabinets will be delivered by the end of next week! And we have a lot of cabinets!!

On the Adoption Topic: We got a report today that our agency's paperwork is actively being worked through by the ministries to determine accreditation. The multiple regional representatives have been notified that the "powers that be" have inquired as to our agency's reputation in each region and have been giving positive remarks. In addition, the Russian Consulate in Houston has also given our agency positive reviews. So, it looks like we may be close. I've not been reading FRUA and have tried to just take a step back from staying right on top of it. I had gotten a good bit discouraged so this new report at least encourages me a smidge. I'm trying to just "let it be." Yeah, right!


Debbie B said...

Looking very good.

I thought of you as I read the update, obviously. Sounds promising. Praying for a miracle to speed them through.

Kay B said...

Wow, the house looks good! I was wondering how things were coming along.

I know you have had a long and winding road to bring your next daughter home, but I believe God has someone very special planned for you - hang in there!

Chris said...

Your house is looking great! How exciting!

We will pray for a speedy accreditation for your agency, so that you can get on with things!

Michael and Carrie said...

The house is looking great! The brick is so pretty, and I'm anxious to see your cabinets! I love the arched doorways too! It is going to be great-it sounds like you will be in very soon!

Good news about your agency, too! I hope they get through the process of checking it out very quickly!

Joy said...

I am glad to hear that you are doing well. I think your house is beautiful.
I think stepping back from the process some times is a good thing. You have been hurt before and I think it is normal to protect your self in that manner.
Plus look at it this way you need to decorate her room first so that the little princess has a palace to sleep in.
I will keep you in my thougthts and prayers daily.

Stephanie said...

Glad to see yall's house is coming along. Beautiful!!
Hope that the accrediation comes thru soon!

Patti said...

Your house looks great! I'm glad to hear you are hearing some positive things about an impending accreditation. You're in my prayers.