23 January, 2008

Wow - Busy day at "the land"

I guess we ought to graduate from calling it "the land" to calling it "the house."

About 8:15 hubby called this morning to tell me "they're putting in the windows!" So I threw on some clothes and pulled my hair up and jumped in the car to drive over there. Of course I had on no make-up! I got there and it looked like an army of ants scurrying everywhere. There were guys on the roof, guys at several windows, guys inside the house. The front door was already installed! Woo Hoo!

The fireplace guy was there and had questions about the fireplace. He was expecting the delivery of the supplies to come today so he can get started building it tomorrow! I'm glad I was there to discuss things with him. There are so many details to cover. Hubby met us there and we stayed for about 30 minutes. It was cold!

A couple hours later, hubby stopped by again and there were even more people there! The sheetrock people came, the plumber came and the electrician and as hubby was leaving, the brick delivery man came! They installed sheetrock on the two walls surrounding the fireplace and they sheetrocked out the air-condition unit's closet in the garage. So we have our first walls!

The electrician had come yesterday afternoon and started installing the little blue boxes everywhere for the outlets and switches. I had to go over yesterday afternoon and approve all their locations. I only switched one. So today he came and started running all the wires.

Whew, we went from house construction famine to feast! It had been 8 days of nothing and then today everyone showed up at the same time!

Ok, so here are some pix of our exciting day! Oh, by the way, we have all the exterior doors and windows in except big garage door and the one tiny window in D's bathroom, I guess they forgot to order that one :O)Our new house with windows and doors!

Our first "real" wall! Soon we'll be able to do no more
ghost walking through walls.

Our bricks and fireplace stone!


yorkiemom said...

How exciting to see so much happening and in just one day and I just love your front door!!

Joy said...

The house looks great. This is the best part seeing everything happen at once.

Christine said...

How exciting! It is coming along great!

Debbie B said...

Wow! A wall! So exciting. They have made a ton of progress.

Kids Special Needs said...

The house looks exquisite ;o)

Chris said...

That is amazing at how much work they are doing at once! If they keep that pace up you'll be moving in Feb 1st!

Chelley said...

How exciting to see so much happening and in just one day

I cant beleive how FAST it is really going!!!!