18 January, 2008

January 18

Today is Viktoria's third birthday. It's hard to believe she is already 3 years old! I think she'll forever be 20 months old to me. That's how old she was when we visited her in October 2006. I've just prayed that her new family is celebrating her life as it should be with a special birthday pie and some sweet gifts.

It hasn't been as hard as I expected, just a little melancholy. I think it is good that we've had this time to heal before bringing a new child home.

Speaking of home . . . nothing was done at all on the new house all week. Nothing. We did go to the brick yard today and choose the hearthstone for our fireplace. We'd chosen the facing stone a couple months ago when we chose the brick, but we didn't realize we needed to choose seperate hearth stone. The town where we had to go choose it is about 30 minutes from our town and it snowed all the way there! This is very unusual for our area! Of course it didn't stick, but it was fun to drive through, especially for D. We learned that the bricks will be delivered on January 28! Yay! So that MUST mean they plan to install windows next week! I don't like these no work weeks.


Elle said...

I remember the first birthday post Alexander. It was shortly after we didn't get the boy's court date. A difficult day, but passed quietly. I will always remember him as a little 10 month old baby. That baby is already 3 1/2.

jessy said...

Already three years old. It doesn't seem possible. She is not even a year younger than Marina. These days it seems that Marina is half grown. If V hadn't been adopted, I suppose she would still be in the orphanage. You would not have gotten a court date in that region without accreditation.
I know people adopt pre-schoolers and older children all the time with great success. But my only experience is my own daughter. I cannot help but believe that Marina's chances of a quality life would have been severely damaged by another year or more in an institution. We have to hope the best for V. That she went to a loving home.
It sounds like what you say about a family member who passes away after a long illness, "At least he is not suffering any more..." You wanted, of course, for the Lord to heal them. Like I wanted and prayed for you to bring V home.

Mom22Russians said...

I found your blog by accident--searching Russian Adoption. We adopted our daughter in 2001 after we lost our first referral, Daria. Daria will be 8 in May. I still think about her sometimes, but now I can say I'm thankful that another family adopted her because I have my Julia. If I didn't lose Daria I wouldn't have Julia. We adopted our second, a boy, 3/2006. Please visit my site if you have the time. Best wishes. A.

Allison said...

Sending hugs your way!

Chelley said...


Mom22Russians said...

Thanks for visiting my site. Yes the process has changed a lot. We adopted Julia in ONE trip at 11 months. We were one of the last families to do it that way. It still took 18 months start to finish though because of the referral we lost. My son, adopted 3/06 took 9 months start to finish but we made 3 trips-our 10 days was not waived. Also he is a little older. We brought him home at 3 years old. The process is hard but worth every agonizing minute don't you agree? Alice