24 January, 2008

Adoption Related Post - can you believe it??

It's not any news of our own to share but still good news nonetheless.

Rainy has a wonderful video on her website. If you've never seen Rainy's photography, you'll just be beside yourself wishing you lived in Atlanta so she could photograph your child!!

PENNY AND CHRIS have a courtdate! Yay!!! I've felt a special connection with Penny and Chris since they're also in the ministry (part of the club ;o) They've also waited so, so long. It does my heart good to hear that children are FINALLY coming home!

Also, since I've been out of the blog loop for a while with no internet access at home, I totally missed that CARRIE AND MICHAEL have ALREADY been to Russia to meet their soon to be son! They were there over Christmas and are now re-doing documents and waiting for the wonderful news of a court date! I've felt especially connected to them as well being part of the ministry family club.

The Kouri's had a successful courtdate and Julie is staying there solo as she awaits the 10 day appeal period to bring Creed home. It sounds as if Creed is learning daily that she's his mama, and brrrrrrr it looks cold!


Chelley said...

your blog has been awarded with an award for having a blog that has a purpose.....

check out


kate said...

it's great to hear that things are happening! it will be our turn soon.

thanks for your prayers and support, suz.

MMrussianadoption said...

Suz, I never knew that you started another blog until I read it on Chelley's blog today. I am so happy to hear that you are moving on with another adoption. I hope this one goes really smoothly and lickety split. I will be an avid reader. Good luck.

Christine said...

I can totally relate. When nothing is going on in your adoption it can be so hard to post adoption related stuff.

I'm sure this is your year!