28 December, 2007

Christmas has come and gone and 2008 is on it's way

We had a nice Christmas. We've all been sick for the whole month of December so we've had a pretty slow and simple Christmas.

D asked Santa for a stuffed Skunk and a Webkinz Duck and he came through for her. She also got Polly Pocket Race to the Mall and a Leapster from Mommy and Daddy (along with several other odds and ends)

The began the framing on our house the Friday before Christmas by doing the outline of the house on the floor in 2x4's. The didn't do anything else on it till yesterday and today they've just about got all the perimeter and the interior framed up!

Well, it doesn't look like our agency will hear any good accreditation news this month and if there is anything to come in January, I'm sure it won't come till later in the month since the Russians will be celebrating Christmas and New Years for half the month.

It was good to hear, though, that several more agencies received their accreditation last week, so hopefully we'll be next.

Last week hubby and I had a talk about how long will we wait? I admit, I've had thoughts of just stopping and being content with our precious D. But I just hate for her to grow up as an only child. And I'm not quite ready to set aside my dream of having another child. My arms and heart still feel as if there is an empty spot. We haven't set a deadline yet, but we'll see where we are after we're in our new house if nothing has happened accreditation-wise by then (heaven forbid!).

I've thought a good bit about losing Viktoria these last days. I pray that she is in a loving family and will enjoy her first family Christmas. The hardest time that it hit me was when I set the table for Christmas Eve dinner and there were still just three place settings. The absence of that fourth was very apparent to me.

I hope 2008 will be a very happy year for all the waiting families and the children who will join them.


Debbie B said...

Wow! That frames look great! They're moving along. When's the projected finish date? I don't remember.

D looks gorgeous as usual. I love the pink dress.

I'm praying for you both that you're able to talk together and follow the path that God has for you with the family.

Chris said...

D looks great in her dresses. How exciting to be building a new home!

Think of your adoption like building your home, and right now you are waiting for permits!

Our prayers are with you!

Christine said...

It will feel good to have your house done! Can't wait till you bring your duaghter home. It is always nice to see families united. :)

Chelley said...

D is such a pretty little girl! You are so blessed... (but hey you prob already knew that)

wanted to add

Merry Christmas! And I wish for the greatest things to happen for you in 2008

Tricia said...

D looks so pretty! Hope that there is accrediation news for you soon. And wow, your house is really coming along!

Michael and Carrie said...

D looks beautiful in her dresses! She is such a pretty girl!

I'm glad to hear that your house is going well! You all will be in it in no time at all!

I'm sure that the holidays are tough because V was apart of your family for so long, even if she was not physically with you at home. You all continue to be in my prayers, and I pray that God gives you wisdom about your timing of submitting your documents and your agency.

jessy said...

D looks so lovely in her Christmas dress! Praying for something to happen soon for you all. *HUGS*

Rachael said...

Belated Merry Christmas to you and your family.

I too hope your little V is loved wherever she is.

Hope you get some good accreditation news for the New Year!

Carey said...

What a cutie D is! Trust in the Lord and if another child is your heart, then that is the Lord's plan for your family. Happy 2008! May this be the best year, yet for your family.

Carey West

Esther said...

I've been wondering how you did during the holidays, so I'm glad you posted. Christmas time last year was one of the hardest times I've ever gone thru. After losing our daughter that we waited 8 months for a court date, I was paralyzed with depression. I had to have my husband buy all the Christmas presents because I just couldn't stand to be around happiness and the festivities. Even Christmas Carols left me in tears because we weren't with our daughter to hear them. The only items I bought were two precious Christmas ornaments, same theme, slightly different pattern. At that time I couldn't imagine NOT buying a present for ZsaZsa, since it had only been a couple of weeks since losing her. So I bought two ornaments, one in remembrance of her, and one for another daughter in the future.

This year showed us that ZsaZsa will never be coming home. And God brought us two daughters. I gave the girls each their own special ornament this year, the two I bought last year. The girls were each delighted and I'm forever thankful God put it in my heart to buy TWO ornaments last year. God is always one step ahead of us.

Thank you again for sharing. Hugs to you, Esther

Anonymous said...

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Annie said...

I just stumbled on your blog...looking for families who have adopted older children from Russia. We have adopted four in the past four years, so your long wait seems unbelievable. All of our adoptions were "independent" - which only means our agency is not accredited, but our experiences in our region (Ivanovo) were precisely like those of the accredited agencies. Except a LOT less expensive. Our agency put everything together for us (giving us a lot more attention than the big agencies do) and in Russia we had exactly the same facilitators, translators, drivers, hotels - everything. If you get tired of waiting, I'd be glad to connect you.

6blessings said...

The house looks great and D looks beautiful (as always)! I'm sorry that Christmas was difficult. I pray that 2008 brings many happy times for you.