05 January, 2008

Lots of Progress on the House & a Little Progress on the Adoption

THE HOUSE: It now has it's roof frame and is ready for the decking next week! We just got finished sweeping and cleaning the house and the yard area where the workers just drop their cups, cans and bottles any and everywhere. I'm sure the neighbors will be happy the trash won't be blowing into their yards! It looks great now, so clean! It was the first time I cleaned my new house :O) I wish there were a way to post the smell of the wood online, I love that smell!

Here is D "sitting on the toilet" in her new bathroom. Not much privacy from the neighbors at this point!
December 31 - they started enclosing the framework with solid wood!

January 2 - More enclosure!

January 3 - They started putting a bunch of bracing in to prepare for the roofing. They also began doing the plastic insulating wrap around the house. They've got the back side of the house wrapped but for some reason they haven't finished.

January 4 - they began building the roof framework!

January 5 - yes they worked on Saturday! They completed the roof frame-work and now it's ready for the decking to be added hopefully next week! I didn't get a picture of it completed, I'll have to get that later.

THE ADOPTION: I spoke with our casemanager and they are scheduling our home study update and we should hear next week when that will be. I finally dug out all our last dossier to see what we really need to get done. This will be dossier number four. Our I-171H fingerprints expire today. Our I-171H is good till September, though, so hopefully to goodness we'll have a child by THEN!


Joy said...

The house looks great. This the exciting part. Fourth times the charm. I will be praying for you.

Michael and Carrie said...

Your house is coming along so well! It looks like it is starting to move so fast! How exciting!

I hope that your home study update goes well. It seems like alot of agencies are starting to get referrals very quickly in Russia, and I hope that happens to you all, too! Happy New Year! :)

jessy said...

Yes! Before September, surely!

Adrienne and Jim said...

Your new house is looking great! I also love the smell of the fresh wood as the house is being built. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to post smells on your blog? Then again, it could be really gross too!

Wow, your fourth dossier? This is the one! I can't wait to hear it's on its way and that you have a sweet little one chosen for you! :)

6blessings said...

Sounds great! Also, great news on the adoption process. I pray that your child is home by the time it expires. You deserve it!

kate said...

FAB news on the house! Hope you have more fab news, soon.