25 October, 2007

Thursday in my life

Wood cottage in Smolensk
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The tummy bug hit me again yesterday, but so far so good this morning. It's going around the community like crazy.

We've got to get serious about the rest of our adoption/dossier paperwork. We've got to get a new letter from the people who own the house we're renting while our new one is being built. We've got to re-do our financial statement too. In January, our fingerprints will expire again. We had them done last October before our visit trip to see Viktoria. I just can't get motivated to get it done. This is SO unlike me! I'm usually right on top of it. It sounds like accreditation for a big batch is right around the corner. It's possible for our agency to be in this batch although they've given us no indication to that end.

With the new house, we've learned that the dirt-work and pad will be started next week. The builder called yesterday and told us to go out and mark where we want the two front corners of the house. Oh the pressure! What if we get it wrong and forever our house is crooked :O) He also told us to get busy finalizing our brick, roof and window choices so he can get them ordered to be ready when they get to that point. So - it sounds like we're about to begin! Yay!

Now that my big women's retreat is over, I can move on to these other things and focus my attention in other places. I didn't count on being down with the tummy bug, though for most of this week.

D's birthday is coming up and we've got to get that planned. We'll just do a family party in Dallas this year for her 7th. The next big party she'll have with friends will be her 10th. Some people go all out for their kids parties every year. But we decided early on not to do that. We had a big one for her 1st (of course! she'd only been home 2 weeks then); her 3rd (Dora theme); her 5th (Clifford theme) and the other big ones will be 10; 13; 16 & 18. She's chosen "Dogs" as her theme this year. So, we'll order a Dalmation cake and get 8-10 Dog themed cake plates and napkins & some balloons and take them with us to the restaurant to celebrate with family. She gets to choose a "theme" each year no matter if it's a family party or big friends party.

My friend (who is also our pastor's wife), lost her sister Sunday and I'll drive a couple hours this afternoon to attend the funeral. Hubby will pick D up from school today. Her sister died in her sleep, she was about my age. The autopsy report is still out, so they don't know the cause.

So, that's my day.

Till later . . .


Debbie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's sister. Terrible to hear about someone so young losing their life. I'll be praying for the family.

I hope we're able to do similar with birthday parties. They can get so expensive now.

Chelley said...

I know how ya feel re; the tummy bug