23 October, 2007

Monday on Tuesday

Autumn Road
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I missed yesterday. If it weren't for a couple of Mommy neccessities (of which I have little memory) I would have slept the day away yesterday. But D required of me to pick her up from school and take her to dance classes.

So - today is Tuesday, but it feels like Monday. I had a tummy bug yesterday. Isn't it amazing how those little things have an exact 24 hour timer on them? I started feeling terrible about 11 a.m. yesterday morning and right about the same time today I began to feel normal again. Just like a switch were flipped, On goes the nausea . . . 24 hours elapses . . . Off goes the nausea.

We closed on the new construction loan this morning at the Title company. I never knew there were all these steps before hand! It's so different from just buying an already built house. We learned of a couple more "out of pocket" things we've got to get set up and paid for before or at the same time that construction begins. We had to go to the City Hall to pay for and order a sewer tie in and water pipe tie in. Then there are different size pipes you can choose. 3/4 inch or 1 inch for the water? 4 inch for the sewer or 6 inch? We lucked out and one of our church members who works there gave us insight. So, we chose 3/4 inch and 4 inch. That was $600. Then while there we learned that we are also responsible for paying for the city to install culverts since although it's in city limits, it's still a more rural neighborhood and culverts are neccessary. That'll be another $420 there. I hope there aren't many more of these little preliminary costs to pop up. I'm just glad we were able to sell our house for a good deal more than we owed on it so we have these monies available! We're definitely learning lots and I want to share what we learn so perhaps someone can learn from us. I didn't realize we'd need our builder's contract while at the Title Company this morning, so I've got to run that back to town before I pick D up from school this afternoon. I've got to just carry our new house binder everywhere I go from now on that involves new house stuff. I'll learn. I had given it thought before I left the house and though, 'nah!" But I did need it. Live and learn!

Maybe I'll have some dirt digging pix soon! I'm so ready to see some real action here on this house building business!

Oh, and fall decided to come to East Texas last night! Yay! It's in the low 50's today and got into the 40's last night. Sooooo much better than the 90's - I'm so tired of sweat!


Chris said...

All those expenses may cause consternation, but the reward in the end will be fantastic.

C.C. said...

Don't you love the cooler weather!!!! We had to turn on our heat the last 2 nights and I've been wearing long sleeves. Woo-Hoo!

Joy said...

I built a house a couple of years ago. What an experience. Here are 2 things that I learned from that experience: If you are getting a basement add an extra course or 2 feet it will make finishing it easier and talk to the person doing the insulation we added extra insulation in the floor between the 1st and 2nd floor the noise throughout the house was greatly reduced compared to my neighbor who had the same house minus the insulation.
Good luck building the house. Take lots of pictures too. We loved looking at them during the process.
PS I like the new blog.

jessy said...

Ugh on the stomache virus.
Isn't the weather wonderful? It is even pleasant here on the coast.
On the house: Just think of all the money you will save later on....when you're home is complete. Finished and NEW!! Folks like us who buy older homes, we may not have the expenses of putting in culverts and such, but it seems like we are constantly having to fix something that has worn out.