27 October, 2007

Bricks, Windows and Rooftops

Hubby and I had a great day yesterday. It was a gorgeous Texas Fall Day. Completely clear skies, breezy and nice cool temps. Perfect for a drive.

We drove a little over an hour away to one of the larger towns in East Texas to look at the brick yard and decide on the brick for our new house.

Oh my, we didn't realize how hard this would be! There were many, many blocks of bricked "walls" to look at. So, we chose our top two choices (we agreed fairly easily!) and went in and told the salesman. He sent us to the back room to get a sample board of each while he looked up on the computer some houses in that brick for us to drive by and see them enmass on a house.

So, next we drove about 10 minutes away to a couple of new subdivisions to see these houses. Our favorite brick from the "walls" was called Fireside (that's it up there in the middle). So that is the house we went to see first. Hmmm, we were a little disappointed, it looked brownish on the house

So, we drove on over to look at our second choice brick on a house. It was awful, we didn't hardly even slow down.

We decided to just drive around and look at all the houses until we found one we just fell in love with. Yep, we had high expectations. But just a few minutes more and we found it! It was great because it had the white woodwork on the front porch like ours will and it had the black trim like we'll have. We took a picture of it and wrote down the address to give to the brick yard and they'll research it and find out the name of the brick for us. So, here is a picture of our brick-to-be (up close on the mailbox with the house in the background.)

We continued to drive around looking at windows, and roofs (rooves? like hooves?). We're pretty much decided that the windows will have 9 lights on top and 6 on bottom like this house. We want a black roof with some "texture" to it, so we found this roof and took a picture of it. It's a little blurry, though.

The builder has the workmen scheduled to come and begin the pad next week. I hope it's early next week! I'm ready to get this show on the road.


Chelley said...

hehe HOW dumb am I am looking at the housethinking that isnt bricks on it?!?! then reread and thought oh you silly girl its the MAILBOX!!!

6blessings said...

I liked the middle one too at first. Funny how it looked different on the house.

I like the one you chose.

Debbie said...

I like the brick. Glad you found one you like and can get this thing moving.

Becky and Keith said...

Love, love the brick! I just went on my normal weekend "let's see what houses are for sale now" through the neighborhood and saw a house with this exact brick. LOVED it! Can't wait to see your progress...

Becky and Keith said...
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