12 October, 2009

Happy Adoption Day sweet D

Today is D's adoption day (and also Grandma's birthday)! Her Daddy made Chicken Kiev; Russian-y mashed potatoes; Russian Rye bread with Provolone melted on top (the nearest we can find to the cheese we loved in Russia); salami and Mommy made her favorite (for right now) white cake with chocolate frosting.

We hung the Russian flag out in honor of her heritage. We watched the video of when we first met her. It was a sweet time. I think she really enjoyed it and couldn't quite wrap her head around the fact that that baby was her :O) She asked a few questions that were a long time coming and I think it was good to talk about them. Our stance is to answer when she asks and to always let her know that she can talk and ask anything and we'll always tell her the truth.

It was a great night. Her video choice was to watch Charlie Brown - The Great Pumpkin first and then we watched First Trip to Russia - Meeting D.


Debbie B said...

Good to see she has her priorities right, watch Charlie Brown first!
Happy Adoption Day D. Glad you had a good night and talk. That's what we plan too. Answer when she asks. Can't count the times I heard 'When they ask they are ready to hear the answer' from Buckner.

Dede said...

Happy Adoption Day!

beckyww said...

Truly - she just gets prettier. Know what you mean on asking those questions and giving truthful answers.

sandy said...

I love the photos... she's such a beauty! I can't wait for M to get a little older so that we can do this too.