06 October, 2009

D - the BIG reader!!

A couple weeks ago D brought home a library book. It was huge! Remember she just started third grade a little over a month ago! At her school, they do a reading program called Accelerated Reading and after they read a book they take a test on computer to evaluate their comprehension of the book. They earn points for each test when they make 80% or better. Usually she brings home books that are worth 1 or 2 points. This book was worth 16 points! I must admit, I was a little worried that she'd read the whole thing and then forget on the test. So, after a couple weeks, she finished her book Saturday night. She took her AR test yesterday and made 100%!!! Her Daddy and teacher and I are very proud!!

I took some pictures of her getting near the end and finally finishing the book.

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Debbie B said...

Congratz D! That is a huge book.
What book was it?