15 April, 2009

Some Easter Pix

We had to hunt eggs indoors because of the rain. We "hid" C's egg right in plain view beside his bucket and he crawled right to it!

We had to be creative hiding D's eggs, this one was in the clock. This clock has the different time zones (Los Angeles, NY, Moscow and London and the big one in the middle has our time, Central Time) my hint to her was that the last egg (a camoflauge plastic one) was in California. It took her a few minutes to figure it out.

C took his turn wearing the bunny ears, hubby had to keep them on since they were a bit big.
D wore the bunny ears all afternoon, during lunch and "hunting" eggs.

Here's our beautiful girl in her Easter dress.

Here are D and C at church in front of the lillies.


Chelley said...

your family is so sweet!!

looks like a wonderful easter !!!

Debbie B said...

We did Isabel's on that deck outside due to the muddy grass. I like that C only had 1 egg. Much better then the 3 dozen my MIL did for Isabel. Oh well!

Love D's dress. She's really growing up.