15 April, 2009

The Family of God

On Sunday morning, EASTER morning, D made her Profession of Faith in Jesus as Lord of her life! We are thrilled beyond imagination.

At the end of the service she grabbed my hand and said, "I need to talk to Dr. T" and I said, "Right now?" and she said "Yes, right now." So we went forward and her daddy had a choir member come take his place in the pulpit and he met us in the front as we stood with the Pastor.

We bought her a special gift in Russia, even before we met her, that we knew we would give her on the day of her Baptism. We had faith that she would come to know God and accept Christ into her heart! I'll let you know what that gift is when we present it to her (she reads the blog sometimes ;o)

She'll be baptized on Mother's Day. C will be dedicated that day as well, so grandparents will already be here. It will be a great Mother's Day!!

Here is the picture that will be published in the Church newsletter announcing her decision:


Chris Goeppner said...

Praise God! Boy does that make me tear up!;) What joy you must feel right now! I look forward to the day that our boys make that life-changing decision. You are so blessed!;)

Debbie B said...

Congratz D! I've got tears of joy. My nephew Buddy made the same decision a few weeks ago. We're all so proud.

How neat that you got her a special gift. I'm sure she'll treasure it knowing it's been waiting for this day.
And what a great Mother's Day this will be. Especially after so many rotten ones. I'm glad you'll have extra special reasons to celebrate this year and the memories for years to come.

kate said...

Your heart must be SO hapoy!

What's next said...

That is wonderful!!! I cried and cried when my oldest daughter came forward- I know how emotionally wonderful that is!