28 March, 2009

Spring Break

We had a good but busy time on Spring Break.

First we took D (and C) to a little amusement park in a nearby larger town. She had been looking forward to this for months!

D made a hole in one and is jumping for joy! I like how I caught her mid jump.

We rode bumper boats, D drove "race" cars, rode in a big race car with her daddy. We played mini golf and spent way too much in the arcade in order to win tickets for way chinchy little prizes.

Afterward we drove to the "half-way" town between our house and Grandma & Grandpa's house and met them for supper and the switch off as D was going home with them to spend a couple days by herself at their house in Dallas.

Next day hubby, C and I went to Dallas and stayed in a hotel nearby G&G's house with the hopes of swimming indoors, but the heater was broken on the pool. I tell you, 3 nights in a hotel with a 7 month old, even the most well behaved 7 month old in the world, is tough!

On Friday night we went over and visited with my Daddy and Step Mom and had dinner with them at Texas Roadhouse which was good boy sooooo noisy - I'm getting old!

On Saturday hubby met up with some friends from high school days and had lunch and then that night met up with his college roommie/best friend for dinner.

On Sunday we went to Sunday School with G&G and then back to their house for lunch and then headed toward home.

We stopped at a big outlet center and I found an Easter dress for me. C kind of determined the color this year and I've had a hard time finding a dress in that color. Each year our whole family wears the same color at Easter. Every year I have a hard time finding a dress because usually I buy D's dress first then we work around that. Last year I was smart and found my dress first and then getting D's dress and hubby's tie was no big deal. C got a precious Feltman Brothers outfit that is size 9 months (they run small) it's white on top and blue on bottom. So our color this year is blue. Next, D is going to be flower girl in her cousin's wedding in August and their color is light blue, so I found her dress online, a periwinkle blue toile.

Anyhow, all that to say I found a periwnkle blue dress at Dress Barn, I don't really LOVE it, but it's the right color.
Ok, C's got to go down for a nap so I've got to run. Bye!


Debbie B said...

You have been busy. Bet you're glad life is back to a normal routine.
D's dress is so pretty. She'll so great in it.

kate said...

D's dress is sweet!