30 March, 2009

Early Easter

We went to the DFW metroplex yesterday to have "big family" easter. I got some fun pictures!

We have three babies in our family born within a month. W was born on 7/17; C was born on 7/29 and L was born 8/18. I haven't asked W's mom if it's ok to put his pic up, so I've only got pics of C & L.

We had all the babies in Easter baskets and when I was taking this picture it was one of those wonderful moments because I just happened to catch C right in the midst of his first time "pulling up!" Talk about praise! He had about 50 adults looking on and cheering for him.

The babies had their first "egg hunt" they were so curious about them.

Then the big kids hunted their eggs in the back yard. It was mayhem as they ran amock! D found lots of eggs and even climbed up on the fence to find some.


TXMom2B said...

So cute!!! I can't wait until next year's Easter, when Andrew will be big enough for us to start really "doing" Easter. Such great memories.

Chris Goeppner said...

Oh my goodness! I cant believe how big C is!! He is so adorable! Happy early Easter!;)

jessy said...

C is a cutie batootie! I'll try not to be jealous that he is already pulling up!

Debbie B said...

Look at him! Such a handsome little guy.
You've been in town a lot lately. Lots of miles in car. How does C do on the long trips?

Joy said...

I love Easter egg hunts. I still make my nieces and nephew do it even though most of them are in their 20's.

They play along because I put money in the eggs and a 20 in one. I just love to watch them run around.

What perfect little babies.


Lisa said...

Your little man is so handsome!

Rachael said...

Congratulations from a long time reader!