18 January, 2009

Four Years Old

How is that even possible? Viktoria turned Four today. Four! I pray so much that she is happy and loved and hugged and kissed and had a very special day today.

Happy fourth birthday sweet, precious girl. I hope you had a delicious birthday treat today!
p.s. This morning in church, I opened up C's burpie cloth and there inside was a red thread! Of course I immediately stuck it on my shirt right over my heart. It just really struck me that there in C's cloth was Vika's red thread. I'll never again see a red thread that I don't think of her.


Chelley said...

I hope the same as you and pray for safety and loving.... I know she will always hold a piece of your heart

Debbie B said...

What a great picture. Love her smile. I can't believe she's 4 already. I pray for her often.
What a special day to see a red thread and in C's things.

Rachael said...

I hope she is happy too! I wonder if she will ever know that she was thought of and loved and prayed for from a distance, all her life.