16 December, 2008

A little more Christmassing

I like this picture because you can really see his eyes here, they're so pretty!

This is my nephew's and his wife's baby who was born just 2 1/2 weeks after C.
We had the idea really early on that we wanted to put them in stockings at Christmas
and take their picture together.

Here is D with her Christmas countdown chain. She takes a loop off every night before going to bed and the last loop comes off on Christmas Eve!


Gina said...

C is such a beautiful baby!! His eyes are gorgeous! C just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! He looks like that adorable baby on the Gerber packages - I guess the baby is called the 'Gerber Baby'.

That is a great idea that D had about counting down until Christmas. Sometimes it's hard for kids to put time into actual minutes/hours/days/months so this is a great idea for her so she knows just how many days are left until Santa visits.

Have a wonderful week!

Chris Goeppner said...

You know you're giving away C's name in the photo, right?;)
I love his pretty eyes and his very handsome hair-do.
The paper chain is a great idea! I think we'll try that next year!!
Christmas Blessings,

beckyww said...

Love Dasha's chain! Too smart!

Heidi said...

The stocking picture is just precious... you should enter it in a cutest babies picture contest!

little eight said...

very beautiful girl