31 August, 2008

Gearing up for Gustav

Wow, what an eventful few days it has been!

We are in the upper portion of where the flooding is predicted to begin come Tuesday or Wednesday. There have been reports of anywhere between 4-12 inches of rain anticipated. It is predicted to rain every day of this next week until Saturday. Hubby is right now mowing real quick because it will be a long time before he gets another chance and the grass will be out of control.

During hurricanes Katrina and Rita, our little city was a haven for evacuees and our Church is gearing up to minister again to the evacuees. Our denomination's national encampment is 10 minutes from the church, and that is the base of service for our church members. There are already 100+ evacuees at the camp. We will feed them one hot meal per day and sandwiches, etc the rest of the time. There is also the work of cleaning and maintenance. It is a huge job and our church members have shown themselves to be faithful to serve in the past and have already mobilized for this hurricane as well.

The National Guard is using our Activity Center as a place to shower and rest. It is looking to be a very busy, and wet week for us here in East Texas!

Not knowing what to expect, we have gathered our own personal supplies as much as we can. We do anticipate losing power from the winds. With Rita we had up to 75 mph winds. All we can do is hunker down and see what happens.

With having a newborn, I can't be out at the camp this time. But hubby has already been helping to organize things.

Our Senior Pastor's daughter just began Texas A&M at Galveston and they are still reporting that classes will meet on Monday and students are expected to be there! He is right now driving her down there. If things do get bad, they'll bus the students to the main A&M campus in central Texas.

So anyway, we're glued to The Weather Channel and Fox News watching and waiting.

Keep all the people in our region in your prayers!


Debbie B said...

I'm surprised they're still having classes in Galvston.
Praying you all stay safe and as dry as you can.

Lisa said...

Hey Suz, they're predicting not much to happen here in Galveston. Not even sure we'll get much rain out of Gustav.

Y'all be safe.

Hugs, Lisa

Gina said...

Suz, we will be keeping all of you, as well as everyone else that will be affected by Gustav, in our prayers. May God keep all of you out of harm's way.

Happy One Month Birthday Sweet Baby C! You are growing up so fast - and changing so much! You are such a cute baby boy! God bless you, sweet little one.

Take care and stay safe,
Gina, Mommy to Lucas

beckyww said...

Our church has a shelter, too - busy days - http://woodworthfamily.blogdrive.com